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Tumbler Info

♥ Epoxy Free Tumbler

♥ 100% Stainless Steel
♥ This tumbler will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold!
♥ You will get a slide closure lid

♥ All tumblers are handmade with love - there may be slight imperfections.

♥ Ready To Ship Tumblers will be shipped out next business day

♥ If you want to add a name or additional decals to a RTS tumbler please contact us and please allow 7 additional days for shipping

♥ If placing a custom order please allow 4 weeks for shipping - we strive to have your tumbler shipped out much sooner but sometimes things happen that need fixing so we quote 4 weeks just in case.

Tumbler Care

♥ Handwash Only

♥ Do NOT Soak

♥ Do NOT Microwave

♥ Do NOT Freeze

♥ Do NOT Drop

♥ Do NOT Leave In Hot Car

♥ Tumbler is extremely Fragile - Handle With Care

How To Order A Custom Tumbler

♥ When checking out place the style of tumbler you want (glitter/vinyl, theme, colors, sayings, names, etc.)

♥ For example (Rainbows with butterflies - colors of rainbow, saying You are stronger than the storm.)

♥ I will email you to finalize tumbler before it is created so please use the proper email address at checkout.

♥ If you have questions before ordering please email me at

What Does Epoxy Free Mean

♥ I use a non-toxic, FDA compliant, water based top coat from Crystalac

♥ Tumbler can be used 7 days from the last application of top coat, but tumbler will be FULLY cured at 30 days.

♥ As the tumbler cures the top coat hardens

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